Special Extra — EDITORIAL: Poland Signs On!


Poland Signs On!

Glorious news!

Thanks to Vladimir Putin’s insane adventure in Georgia, Poland has just signed on to the U.S. missile defense plan for Europe.  It’s obvious, of course, that Poland has only taken this step (until now it had been ambivalent) out of terror at seeing Russian tanks rolling into Georgia and fear that it will be next.  The Putin regime obviously failed, utterly, to give Poland any reassurances, and has obviously poisoned its relations with its neighbor beyond hope of repair.

Russia is fuming.  It does not seem to have realized that there are dire consequences to suffer in antagonizing the world’s most powerful nation, one supported by a wide array of allies united by a common belief in democratic government.

Vladimir Putin, just like Stalin before him, has sold his nation down the river.  This is only the beginning of a tidal wave of repercussions Russia will bear because of its insane imperialistic greed for territory and its egomania to restore the Soviet regime.

So much for the idea that Russia could intimidate and cower Eastern Europe with this show of criminal violance. The bravery of the proud and mighty people of Poland shines through. Bravo Poles! You will not regret your decision.

6 responses to “Special Extra — EDITORIAL: Poland Signs On!

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  2. Hi.
    Interesting article.
    Thank you
    And how to subscribe to RSS?

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/wordpress/afST

  3. This site can be only in US ,is so stupid propaganda that only morons can give it credadibility!

    LA RUSSOPHOBE: There is no site like this in Russia because if there were it’s operators would be arrested (if they were lucky, if not killed like Politkovskaya). At one time, Solzhenitsyn could be “only in the US” too, you know. And before you call anybody a moron, you ought to work on your spelling and grammar a bit more, and at least try to link to some facts to support you. Otherwise you yourself end up looking like an utter imbecile.

  4. Onesided too much.

    The present Polish government supported the project – as two-three earlier did, but not for free as the infamous Kaczynski’s government did.

    There were doubts, especially after the US proposed some rather ridiculously small concessions.
    Damn I support the project since its beginning and hoped the base would be in Poland when I heard about this idea some 6 years ago, but when I learnt what the US government tried to propose – my only thought was ‘ do they think we are insane or stupid, or both ?’

    Clearly the Georgian war changed a lot – good that some people got smarter and proposed something actually acceptable or even better.

    I think the general opinion (amongst the supporters) is that it will form the third layer of protection.
    The part about lending immediate help in case of any danger is important in the signed agreement – the rest is of lesser importance.

    Never too little after the 2nd WW when we were abandoned by everyone

    BTW When it comes to Russian threats – we got them every year from 1993 (various reasons, some support during the 1st Czhechen War, applying to NATO, joining NATO – actually pretty much anything) , so it is not so important as some people think.

    Hope it helps a bit.

  5. This is one of the news stories in the US about Georgia, and what Russia is doing to Georgia.

    There is an additional video link.


    Family separated by Georgia conflict

    Posted: Aug 13, 2008 09:07 PM CDT

    Updated: Aug 14, 2008 10:14 AM CDT


    Family separated by Georgia conflict

    Pictures of Mamuka Gomarteli’s children decorate his desk.

    Mamuka Gomarteli is separated from his family, which is stranded in Georgia during a time of conflict.

    Mamuka Gomarteli and his wife Irma

    By Adrianna Iwasinski, NEWS 9

    OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma family is trapped in the middle of international conflict between Russia and Georgia.

    Mamuka Gomarteli’s wife, Irma, and his children were in Georgia visiting family for the summer when the bombing started.

    Irma Gomarteli and her four children were not able to leave the country, and the last time Gomarteli spoke to them was Wednesday morning during a quick phone call.

    The family, stuck overseas in the bomb-ridden country, includes 15-year-old Mary Gomarteli, 14-year-old Sandro Gomarteli, 5-year-old Gina and three-year-old Luca.

    Both Mamuka and Irma Gomarteli are from Georgia, and their children were spending the summer with their grandmother. Irma joined her children in Georgia later in summer to attend her niece’s wedding when the bombing started.

    “She says I hope there will be a flight perhaps on the 15th,” Mamuka Gomarteli said.

    The bombings temporarily shut down the airport as the destruction continued.

    Gomarteli said Russia has committed lootings, separated families and placed men in concentration camps.

    “They will do just anything to punish Georgia for her loyalty to the United States and the west,” Gomarteli said.

    Mamuka Gomarteli’s friend, Karen Khanagov, is a refugee from Armenia and had to escape from his country during a time of conflict.

    “It’s just a heartbreaking situation and hard situation at the same time,” Khanagov said. “You just need to pray and stay focused and believe it is ending up good.”

    Mamuka Gomarteli said he’s trying to keep his faith and hopes up.

    “I hope to see my family again and see my country stand up,” Mamuka Gomarteli said. “I cannot imagine Georgia being in ruins, the whole country is in ruins.”

    Mamuka Gomarteli has contacted Sen. Tom Coburn’s office to see if they can help his family.

    He’s also attempted to contact the U.S. Embassy, but to no avail.

  6. Tower Bolshevik

    Well, the Polish leaders were bought off it looks like. Wouldn’t be the first time, probably not the last. In the Czech Republic however, this blog will most likely write insults about Czechs as “Russian lackeys” or something when the people try to block American tanks and troops from securing the intended area for the radar. That’s probably what it will take to build the radar.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Bought off? You idiot, they are terrified of Russian aggression. The West tried to buy them off months ago and it didn’t work. Can you really be that insipidly blind? Russians would sure know everything about tanks in Czech Republic, wouldn’t they? Gosh, you’re a fool. How many times can you destroy Russia with your gibberish?

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