August 15, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, Getting to Know You

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Leaving Home

(3)  Georgia Sues Russia for Ethnic Cleansing

(4)  Russia Puts Nukes in Ossetia!

(5)  Have our leaders failed us on the Georgia test?

NOTE:  Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili speaks out again, this time in the Washington Post.  On the same op-ed page columnist Charles Krauthhammer calls for evicting Russia from the G-8 and boycotting the Sochi olympics, saying:  “President Bush could cash in on his close personal relationship with Putin by sending him a copy of the highly entertaining (and highly fictionalized) film ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ to remind Vlad of our capacity to make Russia bleed. Putin would need no reminders of the Georgians’ capacity and long history of doing likewise to invaders.”

NOTE:  We want to extend our warmest thanks to the reader who promptly answered our call for a redesigned logo and provided it by e-mail. The expertly rendered work now appears proudly above.

NOTE:  We are delighted with our new home here on WordPress.  As you may have noticed, our home page loads much faster into the browser than it did at Blogger, we can divide posts for much easier scanning, we can publish photographs with captions

NOTE:  After only a week here on WordPress, as we drive our Blogger traffic to this blog and receive more attention as things heat up in Georgia, on August 14th La Russophobe has made the top 75 of all WordPress blogs in existence (3.8 million total)!  Another achievement of you, the reader. Congratulations!  As previously noted, earlier this week we have rolled passed the 350,000 visit and 500,000 page view milestones.

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