Special Extra — Essel on Georgia

Three Cheers for Georgia!

David Essel

Russia has as usual shown its true face, a face that only appeasement-artists, moral relativists and other nitwits failed to see before. I can sympathise with how sensible people must have felt when infamous old Chamberlain came back from Munich promising peace for our time (presumably having looked into Adolf’s eyes and seen something nice there). I mean what does it take for some people? Was poisoning a Ukrainian presidential candidate not enough; was turning Grozny into a mini-Berlin-1945 not enough; was inventing a new form of hostage rescue – being poison-gassed to death is much better for the hostages than the complex Western way of doing things where things like sanctity of life get in the way – not enough? [… continue for 94 pages or read LR…]

But despite LR and many other good sources, our, for the most part, nitwit governments and intelligentsia appeased themselves into a vegetable state and failed to get the message.

Still, Russians are nothing if not persevering and Pooty and his Teddy Bear persevered their way to greater and nastier abominations.

So today, after Russia’s act of international piracy*, I learn from LR that now even the New York Times has begun to see the light. And if that’s the case, then many, many others will be doing so too.

*I say ‘act of piracy’ and not ‘act of war’ because I am reluctant to call a country that was reborn after the USSR into a new bondage – one of thugs, by thugs, and for thugs – a proper country which can engage in acts of war.

At moments like this, good people want to do something. Old Burke was spot-on when he said: When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. And that ‘else’ is damn nearly what happened on this occasion with courageous Georgia the victim.

So three cheers for Georgia and the Georgians – because, thanks to their actions, Russia has inadvertently shown a bit more of its essence than would have been wise, thanks to Georgia and the Georgians formerly averted eyes have been drawn to the centre of the picture, and thanks to Georgia and the Georgians even our appeasement-artists have perhaps been moved to make more of a stand than usual against the Russian thugocracy.

And as for the good, we should associate. We could (and should):

  • See to it Russia is thrown out of the G8 (by advocating it, writing to our representatives, and using any other such means to that end);
  • See to it that Russia’s UN mandate to act as ‘peacekeeper’ in South Ossetia and Abkhazia is terminated. They won’t go, of course, but their banditry will then be evident to all;
  • Georgia should be provided with a great deal of military assistance by the USA and European countries, in particular in the deployment of a serious anti-aircraft defence capability;
  • Individuals can and should take such actions as buying shares in Georgian companies, visit the country as tourists (it’s a lovely place), buy Georgian products (great mineral water, interesting wines, etc)
  • Boycott Russia and Russian products. (A bit difficult this, since the country doesn’t make anything much that anyone wants!). However, we can encourage a friend and do down our foe by insisting on Wodka Wyborowa* instead of Stoli for our vodkas on the side and martinis and we can refrain from going to Russia as tourists..
  • Get our pop stars to boycott the Eurovision song contest.
  • Boycott the Sochi Olympics (if the Russians don’t have to give up on it first because they can’t get the place ready.)

More suggestions of how we can show the Russian Thuggeration that it is beyond the pale, anyone?

* And it’s nicer than Stolichnaya in my opinion. See independent review:

Wodka Wyborowa
by Kevin R. Kosar

Here’s one more reason to cheer over the end of communism- more vodka exports from former Eastern Block nations. Our office has been inundated with vodkas from countries that once were once under the Soviet yoke. And the Polish Vodkas, thus far, have been almost without exception superb. Wodka Wyborowa (that’s “vodka vi-bro-va”) is made from rye by Polmos Poznan, of, that’s right, Poznan, Poland. At present, it is imported by Austin, Nichols & Co., those folks who are responsible for, among other things, Wild Turkey.

The version I sampled was 80 proof and retails for a little over $14. Wodka Wyborowa is well regarded by vodka lovers and it lives up to its name- Wyborowa, which is Polish for “exquisite.” The rye comes through on the palate, as do notes of toffee and minerals. Wyborowa finishes very smoothly.

Highly recommended. (Rating ****)

My vodka should have cooled off in the freezer by now and I propose a toast to Georgia – hip-hip-hip hooray!

7 responses to “Special Extra — Essel on Georgia

  1. As an addendum to the above, I would like to suggest that since Russia and its citizens (who ‘democratically elected’ their government or at least are doing nothing to prevent its continued existence) have put themselves beyond the pale as far as civilised behaviour in the 21st century is concerned, all Western and truly democratic governments should begin an immediate moratorium (or at the very least a massive reduction) on the issuing of non-essential visitor visas to Russian citizens wishing to visit the civilised world. This might help bring home to the Russian people that they do bear collective responsibility for the actions of their government.

  2. It is, of course, legitimate to ask what the noble principle of ‘national self-determination’ means for the compound land of Georgia, with its (now severed) autonomous entities of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and what sort of national rights the latter should enjoy. But certain things should be spelled out. Firstly, until they were ethnically cleansed in the early 1990s, there were two and a half times as many ethnic Georgians as ethnic Abkhaz living in Abkhazia, and their right to self-determination is certainly not being respected. Secondly, there are approximately five times as many ethnic Ossetians living in North Ossetia in the Russian Federation as there are in Georgia’s South Ossetia, but North Ossetia’s independence is certainly not on offer from Moscow. Thirdly, freedom for the Caucasian nations requires the end of Russian colonial domination of the region, something that can only be set back by the Russian crushing of Georgia. And fourthly, if Russia is allowed to annex de facto what are effectively its irredentas – in Abkhazia and South Ossetia – it will be encouraged to annex other irredentas: in Moldova’s Transnistria; Ukraine’s Sevastopol; northern Kazakhstan; and so on.

  3. Thank you for the lead to your blog and its wonderfully clear exposition of the situation with irredentas. I found this particularly useful:
    “This is not a case of Moscow supporting the right of national majorities to secede – the Abkhaz have no majority, not even a plurality, in Abkhazia. Nor is it a case of Moscow supporting the right of autonomous entities of the former Soviet Union to secede – Moscow has extended the same support to the separatists of Transnistria, which enjoyed no autonomous status in the USSR, while denying the right to secede of the Chechen Republic. This is simply a case of naked Russian imperialist expansionism.”

  4. Now that US is flying aid to beleaguered Georgia, I hope that the USAF will not hesitate to make use of the whole of Georgia’s airspace, overflying Abkhazia and South Ossetia as flight plans dictate.

  5. This is impressive. Leaders from Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and elsewhere showing up in Tbilisi to support Georgia.

    Every one of them understands what thug roosha is. Every one of them is intent on preserving freedom for each of these countries – freedom from thug roosha.

    No matter how much the delusional rooskies try to spin this – everyone knows what is at stake here.

    See the video:


  6. Unfortunately I don’t drink Vodka. But I’ll toast my jasmine tea to Georgia anyday.

    *Raises mug*

    Good job LR – you too Essel

  7. >>Now that US is flying aid to beleaguered Georgia, I hope that the USAF will not hesitate to make use of the whole of Georgia’s airspace, overflying Abkhazia and South Ossetia as flight plans dictate.

    Aren’t you afriad that in such a case one or two of them will flop down – presumably because a bird has gotten in their turbines :) – and then the guys that fired the “bird” will be awarded the St. George’s Cross?

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