EDITORIAL: The Day of Reckoning in Georgia


The Day of Reckoning in Georgia

Under Siege

Under Siege

As was inevitable, the dispute between Russia and Georgia in South Ossetia has finally exploded. Georgia predicted this long ago.

Russia’s hypocrisy in the matter is truly mind-numbing.

Where Chechyna is concerned, Russia demands that the outside world not only refuse to provide any tangible support for the breakaway region, it insists that we not even offer any criticism of Russia because it is a “domestic” matter and none of our business. Yet, where South Ossetia is concerned, Russia feels it has the right not only to provide support for the rebels but to invade the region with regular Russian army forces in a naked act of territorial conquest. Apparently, Russia sees no inconsistency between these actions and its Chechnya policy whatsoever, a duality of truly Soviet proportions.

NATO had the chance to forestall any armed conflict by decisively admitting Georgia as a member, but it dithered and mumbled and put it off until later. Seeing this, Russia believed it had a free hand to invade with massive force, and did so. Georgia, of course, responded by seeking to liquidate the Russian forces, as any nation would do when its territory was invaded, and now Russia is seeking to use the Georgian response as an excuse to impose the same type of control over Georgia proper as it had during Soviet times.

The world must act immediately and forcefully to dissuade Russia from its fanciful notions of neo-Soviet imperialism. Russian forces have only barely been able to keep the lid on Chechnya (we’ve documented many instances of ongoing violence both there and in Ingushetia). Georgia is a far harder target than Chechnya and Russia’s imperialistic advances can only result ultimately in disaster in the long term. Russia’s stock market took a 6.5%, $57 billion loss on news of the Russian incursion. Even worse, Russia’s image is permanently destroyed now, as it has laid bare before the world its naked, bullying imperialist aggression — and in so doing wiped out any moral high ground it may have claimed to exclude the West from involvement in its own breakaway region.

But in the short term, the domino principle applies. Let Russia get away with annexing part of Georgia, it will take the rest. Permit that, and Ukraine is next. After that, who knows where the bloodlust of Russia’s KGB regime will end. Writing in the Telegraph Robert Parsons, international affairs editor of France24 TV, states: “This is no longer about a tiny country way off most people’s radar. Georgia’s fate is about the future world order, Europe’s place in it and persuading Moscow to desist from the brutish behaviour that has marked its recent foreign policy.”

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeze Rice gets it. She stated: “We call on Russia to cease attacks on Georgia by aircraft and missiles, respect Georgia’s territorial integrity, and withdraw its ground combat forces from Georgian soil.” Former U.N. Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke gets it too: “They have two goals. To do a creeping annexation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and, secondly, to overthrow Saakashvili, who is a tremendous thorn in their side.” Even Barack Obama gets it: “As I stated in April this year, I am committed to upholding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. This commitment has long been a fundamental building block of U.S. policy, and it will not change under the Obama administration. I also affirm Georgia’s right to pursue NATO membership. This aspiration in no way threatens the legitimate defense interests of Georgia’s neighbors.”  Now it’s time for President Bush to be heard (he recently snubbed Putin by refusing to meet with him in Beijing at the Olympiad, a powwow Putin had bragged would occur).

Russia opposes even economic sanctions against Iran, demanding negotiation. But when Georgia is at issue, Russia is entitled to immediate resort to military action. This is neo-Soviet hypocrisy in its full horror.

It. Must. Be. Stopped.

As Poland did in World War II, as Czechoslovakia did during the Cold War, the valiant people of Georgia are painting an indelible image in blood of the monstrous KGB regime that wields power in Moscow. Now, at last, that monster is laid utterly bare before the eyes of the world.  The warning call has been sounded for many years now, but so many have paid it no heed.

We. Must. Act. Now.

Watch the President of Georgia discussing the Russian attack here on CNN.


9 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Day of Reckoning in Georgia

  1. Russia lamented the Western practice of “using double standards” for a long time… Now it is putting this weapon in use against its inventors! :D

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Wow! You mean NATO tanks and soldiers marched into Chechnya? Big news! Please tell us more! And which Russian apartment buildings did they bomb?

    You’re a freakishly moronic and dishonest idiot. In other words, a classic Russophile.

  2. Russia is merely imitating the behavior of Serbia in the early 1990s, when it attacked its neighbours through obvious puppets, and got aways with it for five full years before the civilized word responded appropriately –from the August 1990 Serb “uprising” in Knin to the NATO bombings of September 1995.

    Of course, in its imperialistic aggressions, Serbia enjoyed the complicity of France and Great Britain and only Germany and the United States reacted like human beings.

  3. I was horrified by this invasion. This article states exactly what I believe – “It’s unheard of. Unparalleled. It’s absolutely outrageous.” says Saakashvili. I love how he says that what the US should do is “Wake up”.

  4. General Khlynov

    Well, what should the US do then, my dear fellows? Bomb Moscow? Surely, you must be joking. Embargo Russia? How? Sanction Russia? How, and with what? Condemn it publicly? Does Russia care? Call it names? That would really bother the Russians. Right.
    There is NOTHING the US can do, short of risking all-out-war with the holder of the second largest arsenal of nuclear weapons. Over what? A country most Americans think is south of Mason-Dixie, and couldn’t find on the map if their lives depended on it?
    Hypocrisy on part of the Russians? Shocking, shocking! Hypocrisy in politics. Hold the presses! There’s hypocrisy in politics!
    How naive are you?

    LA RUSSOPHOBE: Yeah, right, you idiot. Just like there was NOTHING the U.S. could do about the USSR. You live in a world of self-deception and illusion, the same one that obliterated the USSR, and it will do the same to you, too. You want to do it all over again, to destroy yourself utterly out of pure childish spite. OK then, if that’s the way you want it. Game on.

  5. LA RUSSOPHOBE: The only one living in a world of self-decption and illusion is you and the rest of the former soviet bloc. Read an iteresting article from the NYTimes (probably the latest issue) in which an anonymous diplomat refers to the USA learning to “shut up”. It is you that has no comprehension of reality. It is plainly tragic how your pue childish fantasies will be brought to an end.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: That’s exactly the same kind of language the USSR used to use when addressing the USA . . . before it disappeared forever. You attack Bush for invading Iraq then do EXACTLY THE SAME THING in Georgia, and you think you can govern a nation that way? The USSR thought so too. And look where it is now. If you took the time to actually read this blog before commenting like a monkey, you’d see that Bush, Obama and McCain are all on the same page. When that happens, it’s clear where the truth lies.

  6. Civilized nations might recognize the Republic of Ichkeria as a response to Russia’s contempt for international law.

  7. To the attention of all of the hypochrites: First of all if you want a real dirt on Russia you need to stop being a coward and start talking about Chechnya! (HAVE NO WORRIES, THERE IS OIL IN CHECHNYA, FEEL FREE)Remind you all in the past 8 years the bloodiest war was conducted in NOT middle east, NOT Africa but in Caucasia. So far 250 ooo Chechnyan civilians were slaughtered under the noise of the rest of the world without any voiced decent, not even so much as 15 minutes of air time in western media. Now you give a hood about what happened in Georgia. Well guess what? Georgia used to be the dog of Russia, Especially right after Stallin’s very generous gift of Abkhazian lands to Georgia, they had already gifted the half of the Ossetian lands to Golden child of Russia and they proudly served in the Red Army for Russia, while the rest of the Balkars, Checnyans, Karachays, Dagestanis, etc were forced to go to Siberia. Since Georgia have been a bad boy for wanting to join the Nato, Russia simply wants to take their very generous gift of Abkhazian and Ossetian lands back. Keep in mind Russians had already killed most of Abkhazians and Ossetians, before gifting their land to Georgia. And if any of you believe that Russians are there to protect Abkhazians or Ossetians you must have lost your mind. They will find away to get rid of them in the near future, once they gobble up their land.

  8. Some of you may ask since Russians committed a Genocide on Abkhazians and Ossetians in the past, why are they co-operating with Russia? Keep in mind the population of Abkhazians would be same as if not more than the population of Georgians, about 5 or 6 million. Today there are only about estimated 150 000 Abkhazians survivors and that may be over estimated. Back to the question, we can blame Georgians for following the instructions of Maskow STALIN to be exact. Soon after the Great Caucasian war most of them were killed and most of the survivors were forced to exile along with Circassians to Ottoman Empire, remaining ones later end up in concentration camps and were worked to death. Once the evacuated Abkhazians lands were gifted to Georgians, they followed a heavy campaign into trying to assimilate the remaining Abkhazians into thinking they were Georgians, They tried to re-write their history as if Abkhazia never existed. Abkhazians reaction was of course I may be small in numbers but I am not stupid. They started Georgifying the Abkhazian lands by migrating and forcing other minorities such as Armanians to move there. That was despite the fact Abkhazians and Georgians lived side by side as brothers for thousands of years in peace before the Russians came into picture. Once the Comunist Russia fell, once the Georgia declared it’s independence Abkhazians felt that, that nullyfied the GIFT arrangement that was signed by Russia and Georgia. Instead of Georgia talking to his brother of thousand year they responded with military force, knowing they were not capable of defending themselves. Who exploited the situation to their own advantage? Of course the bloody Russia who needs Abkhazian ports in Black sea for their Naval ships. You know the Ukrainians can be bitch about it. In a nutshell by using military force Georgians pushed Abkhazians into the newly found uncertain arms of their Genociders the bloody Russians.

  9. What about Ossetians? Well somehow the current Ossetian land was gifted to Georgia shortly before the Communism. Unlike the other Caucasian tribes, one thing Georgians do real well is KISS ASS as seen on CNN and FOX. That is probably how they end up with it, because Georgians aren’t good warriors like Chechens or Circassians or Polish or Estonians. You may as well call them well bred pussies. Ossetians had the same faith as the Abkhazians and the rest of the Caucuses. Georgians also tried to re-write their history, try to get them to believe they were Georgians, when it didn’t work, they came up with another lie, they said they were not Caucasian, but Iranians who migrated there around 1300, which is baseless, they have been there just as long as Georgians. If you ever need to have your history re-written, just go to Georgia, it is AMAZING the bullshit they can come up with. Heck, I might have been an African 3000 years ago, how in the heck can you determine someones race by looking at 3000 years ago. Anyway, Russians could have had Both Ossetia’s anytime they wanted to, that’s how tired Ossetians were of the bullshit Georgians were feeding them. Russians intentionally left South Ossetia in Georgia as a provocation material. You see, unlike Chechens , Georgians are Christian, they can not (FSB) stage a terrorist act and blame it on them like they did to Chechens to justify their war. The idea of Christian terrorist is not selling now a days. That is why they left South Osettia in Georgia, and North Ossetia in Russia. Of course it is natural they want to unite, they gave them Russian passport to be able to bud in in case there was an opportunity. Dumb Georgians over the years tried real hard to brainwash them into thinking they were not Osettians but Georgians. It backfired on them, they never forgot they were Ossetians, but obviously did forget, Russians killed most of them as well in the past. As a small population of about 70 000, they really don’t have too many options. So Russians are using them as pawn. So when Georgia decided to attack South Ossetia, they knew very well, Russians have been dreaming of the DAY, Georgia would attack South Ossetia, giving them a legitimate reason to destroy their aircraft sites the US have been supplying them with. They will keep on using South Ossetians to get to Georgians. Neither Georgia, nor Russia give a slightest hood what happens to either Abkhazians or Ossetians . Georgians had many years of opportunity to bond in a right way with them instead they manipulated them and they don’t mind finishing the job Russians started by killing them all. To be honest Georgians aren’t my cup of tea. But the it is about time the rest of the world start paying attention to the genocides Russians have been committing, it is about time before it is too late!

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