Some Hope for Russia

Russian ZheZhe blogger Introvertoff points to the following results of a recent public opinion poll in Russia (our staff translation, corrections welcome):

  • Only 20% of the population believes the political and econmic situation lic is “stable and prosperous” in Russia.
  • More than half of Russians (51%) believe that the country is on the wrong path, and only 38% of those surveyed said that believe in the correctness of the course.
  • The state of the economy was called “good” 18% of those surveyed while 54% found it difficult but tolerable; 24% stated that “any worsening would be intolerable.”
  • 14% hope to improve their material situation in the future, while 22% believe that it will only worsen.
  • 24% of Russians are ready to participate in mass protest actions. 19% are willing to participate in strikes.
  • 64% of respondents disapproved of the government’s policy actions

Given the fact that the Russian economy is supposedly “booming” and given the fact that the Kremlin is in the midst of a massive campaign of terrorism against civil society, we must be heartened by these results. There remains in Russia as there always has been a nucleaus of clear-thinking people who, if they could only be induced out of their stupors, might save the country from its fate. Dictator Putin dare not imagine what these results might show if the price of oil was a bit lower and the level of social oppression was a bit less intense.

Seen in this light, Vladimir Putin’s support takes on the aspect of a cult, with blinded sycophants marching like zombies rather than informed voters giving voluntary respect. Of course, Russia being a nation of zombies taking orders from those whose policies it knows are wrong, just as in the time of Stalin, hardly bodes much that is good for the nation’s future.

2 responses to “Some Hope for Russia

  1. Read the comments, not the assertion. The site referred to is very questionable, and says Russia’s current population is only 132 million. Compare with the latest Levada poll, which shows just the opposite trends:

  2. Whatever the number, the fact is that the motto of Russians when it comes to government has been, and is, “hurt me better, beat me better, for the greater glory of Russia – and a few wealthy people, be they tsar, commissars, prime ministers, or oligarchs”

    No law, no legality, and no justice.

    Only brutality and zombieism and propaganda.

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