Thank You, Hard-Working Laborers!

La Russophobe will not be posting today, September 3, 2007, to celebrate LABOR DAY and honor the millions of hard-working Americans and American residents who toil tirelessly to make America the world’s most vibrant and dynamic economy — and all the other hard working people of the globe — especially those who labor for truth, freedom and democracy in Russia.

2 responses to “Thank You, Hard-Working Laborers!

  1. “Gone fishing” – perfect.

    The link to this article is courtesy of the “Foreign Notes” blog, where I found it:

    Putin the poseur takes off his shirt to go fishing – and GETS IT WRONG!

    To quote from the article:

    My seven-year-old granddaughter, Iliana, who, by way of credentials, recently caught a bagful of gudgeon and perch on her first outing with yours truly, could tell Putin that a rod held with the weight of the reel forward, as shown, would put an intolerable strain on the wrist and make casting impossible.

  2. The reason he didn’t do it right is that he’s got bigger issues to worry about than your redneck family will ever have.

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