August 26, 2007 — Contents


(1) The Sunday Photos: Sakharov Edition

(2) The Sunday Funnies

(3) Sunday Travel Section Part I

(4) Sunday Travel Section Part II

(5) Georgia on His Mind

NOTE: Amnesty International now has even more evidence of Russia’s outrageous violation of the arms embargo in Sudan, a story we reported some time ago. Robert Amsterdam has the details. This is barbarism, pure and simple. If we don’t stop it now, we’ll have to stop it later at much greater cost.

NOTE: Good news! Yuri Felshtinsky’s book some Blowing Up Russia, written with the help of murdered dissident Alexander Litvinenko, about the KGB blowing up apartment buildings in Moscow to whip up support for the war in Chechnya will receive repeated attention from the prestigious American political network C-SPAN. It will air a program discussing the book today, Sunday August 26th, at 11 am (prime American political TV watching time) and on Sunday September 2nd at midnight. It has already aired the program yesterday, Saturday August 25th, in actual prime time at 8 pm! This shows that the West will not be such an easy mark for Russia the second time around!

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