The Sunday Photos: YouTube Edition

This week we learned about various neo-Nazi groups in Russia posting video in which they purported to brag about murdering defenseless dark-skinned foreigners (example above from the Moscow Times). The MT reports:

The three-minute video, which was posted by a user Sunday and credits a certain Russian National Socialist Party with production, shows two men kneeling on the ground with their arms and legs tied up. “We were arrested by Russian national socialists,” they say in barely audible voices. A subtitle on the video identifies the two as “colonists from Tajikistan and Dagestan.” A Nazi flag stands in the background while two men in masks and camouflaged clothing give Nazi salutes. Then, a man with a knife or saw beheads one of the abducted men as heavy metal music plays in the background. The other hostage is then shot in the head.

So perhaps some background on these groups would not come amiss, and its provided in the following YouTube video. Following that, for something completely different, and yet not so, some scenes from a Russian wedding.

Russian Neo-Nazis on the Warpath

Ah, the Romance: Scenes from a Russian Wedding
(WARNING — Not for the Squeamish)

2 responses to “The Sunday Photos: YouTube Edition

  1. I think that the Moscow-St Pete train bombing will also be blamed on Nazi elements.

    Maye this is all organized by the Russian secret services, in order to identify domestic “Nazi-Fascist” threat and mobilize support ahead of the next election cycle. Similar thing happened in 1999 with the apt. building bombings which were blames on Chechens. Many critical observers like Oleg Kalugin and John Dunlop suspect these were also organized at the Kremlin’s behest.

  2. there’s a video too of women fighting at a nice russian wedding. a girl pulls up on a bike and her and the bride go at it. it’s FAR worse than the video you show. it’ll turn your stomach. i’ve seen hundreds of these festive wedding parties at moscow’s victory park. they’re very very sad affairs and will depress you for days.

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