Neo-Soviet Russia at the Gates of Military Hell

With Russia now attacking Georgia and the two countries on the brink of imperial war, it’s worthwhile remembering how many other former Soviet slave states the Kremlin may have set its sights on. Estonia, for instance. The the West doesn’t unify to nip this aggression in the bud, it will only grow and expand just like Hitler’s did until they go one step too far and World War III breaks out. The Peninsula reports:

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet yesterday stepped up the Baltic country’s war of words with former overlord Russia, accusing President Vladimir Putin and other leaders of tolerating “fascism”. Paet was countering Moscow’s accusations that Tallinn is allowing extremists to flourish and honour the pro-Nazi camp in World War II, notably because of a decision to shift a Soviet-era war memorial from the centre of the Estonian capital. In an opinion piece published Monday in the Postimees daily, Paet said Moscow was making “crazy accusations” about “neo-fascism” in Estonia while ignoring that such extremist views were taking hold at home. “The ideology now in formation in Russia shares dangerous similarities with the phenomenon of which Russian politicians are so fond of accusing Estonia,” Paet wrote. Paet singled out rising harassment of Estonians, which has included a campaign against the country’s ambassador to Moscow, as well as the deportation of hundreds of Georgians – accused of residing illegally in Russia – following a diplomatic spat. “One can come across notices on Moscow pub doors, stating that Estonians and Georgians are not served,” Paet claimed. “What ideology was it which tolerated about 70 years ago notices on businesses that people of certain origin are not served?” he said, in an apparent reference to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. Pushing the Nazi comparison further, Paet lashed out at Putin – a former KGB officer – for taking part in ceremonies to mark the foundation of the Soviet secret police in 1917. “Can you imagine the leaders of Germany celebrating with great pomp the anniversary of the formation of the Gestapo? This is unthinkable and it would not happen,” he said. Relations between Estonia and Russia have remained rocky since 1991, when Estonia regained its independence from the collapsing Soviet Union after a five-decade occupation.

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    July 29, 2007, 3:55
    Estonia commemorates SS troops

    Estonia’s Defence minister has sent a letter to a group of former Nazi soldiers comparing them to the fighters who secured the country’s independence in 1920. The letter was read out at a commemoration ceremony for troops of the 20th Estonian SS Division held near the Estonia-Russia border on Saturday.

    Estonia is the only country in Europe to authorise such events.

    The participants were joined by members of the Union of Estonia’s Liberators, which is another name for the SS veterans’ organisation. The guests wore their uniforms and honours.

    In January, Estonia’s parliament reviewed legislation that bans the use of any Nazi or Soviet symbols in public, but it has yet to be made law. Among those gathered to mark the anniversary on Saturday are Norwegians, Austrians and Germans, this by default as such meetings are banned in their own countries.
    In July 1944, the town of Sinemyae was the scene of Estonia’s bloodiest battles in World War Two. Both sides sustained massive casualties causing the area to become known as “the Hell Hole”.

    A cemetery not far away from the place where they gathered has a plaque-covered wall commemorating the fallen SS. Nowhere else in Europe would this be possible.

    “’Ragner Johansen. Died May 1, 1945 in Berlin’. Looking at this plaque I understand that it would be impossible to have it in Berlin, under any circumstances, but here it is possible. It’s a privilege that costs $US 200,” Mikhail Petrov, historian, noted.

    On the other hand, today there is almost nothing that could remind of the Soviet memorial in Tallinn recently removed from the centre of the city.

    Karl Veltz, a veteran from the anti-Hitler coalition says he can’t see why politicians call former SS soldiers fighters for freedom, but don’t want to remember the rest. He says during the war an SS police battalion, including Estonian soldiers, carried out systematic killings in the Estonian Kloga concentration camp, burning people alive.

    Estonian authorities say their SS veterans were fighting not just fascism but communism, For Mr Veltz the Red threat is a guise.

    “There is no shortage in Estonia of those who falsify history. Some of them have a very reckless approach to the past,” Karl Veltz believes.

    Those gathered at Sinemyae are not all of the older generation. Young men in SS T-shirts look on, and the otherwise innocent ‘Welcome to Estonia’ seems to take on a darker tone.

    War-themed scandals seem to come thick and fast from Estonia. The Justice Minister recently caused a stir with his Third Reich-themed birthday party, while bitterness over the relocation of the Soviet monument in Tallinn has not yet subsided.

    The EU remains silent over this latest move, and the discernible pattern in recent events is no comfort to those who would ask why.
    and this video of a march of SS veterans in Riga Latvia a few years ago. Maybe NTV staged it?

    Just because they feel entitled to cheap Russian natural gas doesn’t give them the right to call Russia fascist while they tolerate such behavior.

    But hey, don’t judge by the name, I do it because I support the real freedom fighters in the Baltics.

  2. Can’t you find any source attacking Estonia other than Russia’s state-operated propaganda campaign Russia Today?

    That’s pretty strong evidence of just how right Estonia is.

    How about the BBC?
    Or Baltic Today?

    You willfully ignore real live, officially sanctioned fascism when it happens in the supposed victims of Russian imperialism. At least the skinheads in Moscow wore ski masks when they recently were interviewed by CNN, because they don’t want to go to jail.

  4. You need to pay a bit more attention to what is going on outside your own twisted “brain.”

    This blog isn’t about the rise of neo-Soviet ESTONIA. It’s about RUSSIA. Are you suggesting that because Estonia is fascist, that means it’s OK for Russia to be fascist? It’s hard to believe even a little Nashi idiot like you could be THAT stupid. If you want to complain about ESTONIA go to an ESTONIA blog. Several are listed conveniently in our sidebar.

    Your use of the term “willfully” is extremely ignorant (unless of course you believe you can read minds) and betrays your fundamentally deluded outlook on life. Do YOU criticize Russian fascism, or only point out acts of fascism by others? If not, you’re a hypocrite. If so, prove it.

    The BBC story you point to is not even REMOTELY similar to Russia Today’s coverage, and only an ape would suggest otherwise.

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