Can you Feel the Love Tonight?

La Russophobe set a new record for page views last month, recording 28,164 according to StatCounter, and more recently our performance has grown even stronger. As shown above, SiteMeter’s numbers indicate we are currently averaging nearly 1,100 page views (and over 600 unique visits) per day on this blog, and we are about to roll past the quarter million page-view milestone some time in the next few days. This doesn’t count the traffic we generate on Publius Pundit or on our backup blog on WordPress. Once again, we emphasize that these are as much the accomplishments of you the reader as they of our publisher and contributors, so pat yourself on the back! Can you feel the love tonight?

One response to “Can you Feel the Love Tonight?

  1. Hi, anon again, here’s another article for your laughter. No need put this as comment, but do as you please! Enjoy!


    Diplomat recalled following sex scandal – claim

    Jul 30, 2007
    By TBT staff and wire reports

    VILNIUS – The Lietuvos Rytas newspaper has made an extraoridnary claim that a Russian diplomat has been spirited back to Moscow after becoming embroiled in a bizarre sex scandal.

    The newspaper alleges that Alexander Zemerov, first assistant to the Russian defense attache in Lithuania, was forced to leave his position after it was revealed that he had been procuring male prostitutes for use by his wife.

    In its July 28 edition, Lietuvos Rytas claimed the 43-year-old colonel and his wife were moved back to Russia after the paper obtained evidence that Zemzerov sometimes presents his wife with an unusual gift – a sex partner.

    A male prostitute interviewed by reporters said that one of his clients had been the Russian diplomat’s wife. The man recognized Zemzerov while watching television and noticing that the man on screen in a Russian officer’s uniform was the same man who had hired him to entertain his wife.

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