June 15, 2007 — Contents


(1) Now, the Kremlin Literally Sh*ts on People

(2) McCain: Why we Must be Firm with Russia

(3) Announcement: Studies Without Borders Chechnya Scholars

(4) Yup, Now it’s Submarines. Did somebody say “Lusitania”?

(5) Send in the Kwans

NOTE: La Russophobe is getting VERY annoyed by people who are leaving comments under the name “anonymous” — a practice we have specifically requested you to refrain from. The reason (if we need to give one, which we don’t) is that it makes it impossible to carry out an intelligent discussion, since you cannot tell one “anonymous” from another. We’ve already warned you that your comments are subject to deletion if you use the name “anonymous” and pretty soon you’re going to find out that you’ve wasted your time sending in your comment. So knock it off, can’t you? And by the way, there is nothing to stop us from going back and pruning out anonymous comments if we get sufficiently annoyed. We’re trying to meet you halfway, so try to be reasonable.

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