June 9, 2007 — Contents


(1) Vladimir Putin is a despicable, mendacious liar

(2) More on the “Ticking Time Bomb” of nuclear waste in Russia

(3) The Skinhead Law used to attack Putin’s Opponents, Just as Predicted

(4) Stalin, Hitler . . . Same difference

NOTE: On Thursday, as we previously reported, Serbian Ana Ivanovic (world #7) ran roughshod over “Russian” Maria Sharapova (world #2) in the semi-finals of the French Open, blowing her off the court with the greatest of ease. Today, Ivanovic faced world #1 Justine Henin-Hardenne in the finals, and was crushed in 65 minutes, winning only 3 of 15 games played. In other words, Justine did to Ana exactly what Ana had done to Maria. So what would have happened if so-called “#2” Shamapova had been forced to play Justine? It wouldn’t have been pretty, that’s for sure, but it would have shown what a total mockery is the claim that Shamapova deserves to be considered a champion.

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