June 3, 2007 — Contents


(1) The Sunday Photos: YouTube Edition

(2) The Sunday Photos: How many words is this one worth?

(3) The Sunday Satires

(4) Sex in the Neo-Soviet City

(5) BB Funding “Other Russia”? If only it were so!

(6) Kasparov Shows his Poetic Side

(7) Annals of Shamapova

NOTE: On Monday, we will publish an extensive translation from the pages of the Nashi “manifesto,” showing their crazed pathological frenzy in its full horror. Be sure not to miss this material, made available in English for the first time anywhere.

NOTE: Just when you think the Kremlin can’t possibly get any more pathetic, it gets so pathetic that you can’t believe you thought it was pathetic before. Robert Amsterdam reports that the Kremlin is now trying to blame Russian infertility on a Western plot to deploy “biological weapons” making Russian men fire blanks. Exactly as in Soviet times, Russia can’t accept responsiblity for its own problems, so it blames them on absurd imaginary causes and lets the problems get worse and worse until they destroy the country. And it considers the people doing this “patriots” and those who criticize them “traitors.” And so it goes in Russia. Click through the link to read the details.

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