Now, the Neo-Soviet Book Burning Begins

The Moscow Times reports:

Two books critical of President Vladimir Putin have been deemed extremist in the Krasnodar region, and Moscow city prosecutors are conducting an investigation of their own. The books are “Unloved Country” and “For the Motherland! For Abramovich! Fire!” by Andrei Piontkovsky, a political scientist and leading member of the liberal Yabloko party.

Krasnodar city prosecutors issued a warning to Yabloko’s local branch on May 14 saying an examination of the books had established that they contained, among other things, calls for actions “of a violent nature.” Prosecutors said the branch could be liquidated if did not cease distributing extremist literature, according to a copy of the warning obtained by The Moscow Times. The investigation came at the behest of the Krasnodar region branch of the Federal Security Service, prosecutors wrote in the warning. Meanwhile, Moscow’s Zamoskvoretsky District prosecutor’s office is investigating whether the books are extremist, City Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman Valentina Titova said Wednesday.

Yabloko spokeswoman Yevgenia Dillendorf said prosecutors had sent the party an inquiry as to whether it had financed the publishing and distribution of the books. She said, however, that the party had not been informed that Moscow prosecutors were determining whether the books are extremist. Piontkovsky, a former columnist for The Moscow Times, was in the United States and could not immediately be reached for comment.

How long until they start arresting the authors and sending them off to the gulag?

5 responses to “Now, the Neo-Soviet Book Burning Begins

  1. Стоит ли идти в армию? Или лучше как-нибудь отмазатся сославшись на болезнь аля – Колики низа живота после надувания воздушных шариков.
    Приветствуются ответы в подробном виде , а так же забавные случаи со службы или мед. комиссии.. типа:
    Брат с армии приехал.
    Рассказывал про то как дедушки играли в карты. Матрацами.
    Да-да, матрацами.
    На каждом нарисована какая либо карта маркером, разумеется духи их держат и перекладывают по игровому полю.
    По словам брата игра забавная, но самое сложное в ней тасовать колоду.

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