Annals of Jaw-Dropping Russian Hypocrisy

The Moscow Times reports that Russia has no problem dismantling and moving the war memorials of other countries, yet it will not allow other countries that privilege when Russian memorials are at issue. Truly, this type of hypocrisy is the hallmark of a barbaric, uncivilized nation.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry on Friday demanded an explanation from Russia over the removal of a monument to a World War II pilot. The monument to Vasyl Poydenko in the Moscow region town of Aprelevka was pulled down earlier in the week. The monument, a stylized pair of broken wings about 5 meters across, was taken down as part of a project to widen the Moscow-Kiev highway but will be re-erected after the construction is completed, Russian officials said. The Ukrainian ministry’s note demanded that Russia state its official position on the monument. A decision by Estonia to relocate a war monument last month sparked days of clashes in Tallin and a sharp condemnation from Russia. Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said Friday that it was up to Moscow to ease tensions: “If relations will improve, then 90 percent of it is up to Moscow.”

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