Russians: They Just Don’t Get It

Here’s a hot one: Web planet reports that “a code to ban Estonian IP’s was published on LiveJournal by Russian blogger. In his post the author encourages readers to embed the code into their websites and blogs as a protest againts moving a monument to Soviet soldier from Tallin’s streets to the city cemetry. Those who comment are mostly pointing at technological shortsite of this action – first of all this code would ban Russians who live in Estonia from visiting Russian websites. They offer alternative algorithms, like banning based on language preferences in users’ browsers.”

So, let La Russophobe see if she understands. These morons think Estonians go cruising around the Internet looking to access Russian websites, and will suffer enormously if they can’t reach them? That hardly seems likely . . . except of course for the Russians who live in Estonia and prefer Russia to Estonia, and now these Russians are blocking those Russians from communciating with the outside world. Or maybe they think that non-Russians read the ZheZhe blogosphere and are just waiting to help Russians out by banning Estonians, for instance, in the EU countries. That’s possible, of course, since state-controlled media doesn’t tell Russians what kind of bashing they are getting in Samara from the EU states.

Once again, Russia shoots itself in the head in order to punish its “enemies.”

And so it goes in Russia.

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