April 1, 2007 — Contents


(1) April Fool!*

(2) The Sunday Photos

(3) Russia’s Love Affair with Stalin

(4) A Russian does the Breast Stroke Down Under

*LR’s header has been changed for today only to celebrate April Fool’s Day. On Monday it will return to its usual form. April Fool’s content stops with the first post.

BLOG NEWS: Darkness at Noon offers an elaborate first-hand report on a protest action by Garry Kasparov’s forces on Saturday in Moscow, complete with many photos of the happenings. Check it out here. LR’s sources tell her that a larger gathering of the whole “Other Russia” contingent — along the lines of the Nizhny Novgorod (see photos below) and Piter events which have already taken place — is scheduled for the middle of this month. Oborona (see sidebar) is scheduled to participate. Perhaps DAN will attend and report on that one too, of it occurs. As DAN points out, yesterday’s event was badly reported in the Western press and almost totally ignored in the state-controlled Russian press. Kasparov needs to do more to get the word out in advance, and he needs to do more of substance during the events. However, he’s still risking his life for his country and deserves the highest possible praise for his courage, and it is flatly inexcusable for the outside world to ignore what he is doing. For Russians to ignore it (or allow it to be ignored) is simply an act of suicide.

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