LR on WordPress

For security purposes, La Russophobe is constructing a backup blog on All of LR’s archives have now been uploaded to WordPress and can be viewed there, but no new content will appear on WordPress for now (although archival material will continue to be uploaded on a regular basis). New content will appear only on this blog, until further notice.

WordPress has a number of interesting features not (yet) offered by blogger, including the ability to split long posts with a jump page (reducing scrolling on the main page) and the ability to apply custom design features. Therefore, it’s possible that LR will move to WordPress and begin placing new content there at some point in the future. Readers, of course, will be notified.

Meanwhile, another interesting feature of WordPress is that it provides a tally of comments; all the comments on this blog have been uploaded to WordPress along with the content. LR was surprised to learn that she has received a total of 2,298 comments to date, over the course of 11 months (we think there’s a way to display this information on the blog, but we haven’t figured out how yet; if anybody knows, please tell us). That works out to an average of over 200 comments per month or nearly 7 comments on this blog every single day. Given the fact that for much of our history we have required blogger membership prior to commenting, a major obstacle not present on any other Russia blog we know of, and given the fact that we post much more than any other Russia blog and therefore posts don’t stay on the main page nearly as long as elsewhere, we think this is an amazing testament to reader interest and support and we humbly express our thanks to all readers who have commented in the past. It’s not our goal to be a discussion forum, but we are always glad to hear from readers both by comment form and by e-mail (where we received the vast majority of feedback on the blog).

LR on WordPress is a work in progress. It’s very clunky right now and not really meant be seen, but reader comments as to the design are still welcome. If you’d like to see a certain feature on the blog, do tell us.

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