The Sunday Funnies

The psychopaths at Russia Blog ask: “What if those were Mohammed’s fangs?”
Interesting. LR doesn’t recall Mohammed building a Gulag archipelago, arresting and murdering priests and blowing up churchs by the score, murdering and torturing all manner of artists and intellectuals, terrorizing and enslaving smaller, defenseless countries and ultimately driving his nation to absolute destruction. Did LR miss something, dear reader? Or are the goons at Russia Blog simply utterly dishonest, propagandizing maniacs?

A better question to ask would be: What if Germans elected a proud Gestapo officer president? And what if a blog run by an expat German insidiously seeking to promote intelligent design over evolution then sought to rationalize that election and help the Gestapo maintain their grip on power? What then?


Bush says: “I’ve looked in Vladimir’s eyes. We can trust him.”

Source: Ellustrator

A joke via Global Voices from the Russian blogosphere:

Two Soviet violinists are in the same train compartment, on the way back home from abroad, from an international music competition. The first one, a “plainclothes” violinist [an undercover KGB agent], finished last, but is happy in general. The second one is a very promising young man – he came in second and is pulling his hair in despair. To console him, the first one says:

– Why are you so upset? Second place isn’t that bad…
– You see, the man who won was allowed to play [Paganini’s] violin!
– So what?
– Let me explain: For me, to play Paganini’s violin is like for you to shoot from [Dzerzhinsky’s Mauser].

Can you imagine raising your children in a country that has such jokes, and people who think they’re funny, and elect the spawn of Dzerzhinsky president of the country?


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