LR Announces Milestones

LR is pleased to announce the following milestones in the history of the blog:

This is post #1,400.

Today is our 11-month anniversary. In four weeks we will celebrate our first birthday!!

On February 22nd, we registered our 100,000th Google hit.

As the graphs below show, the short month of February was our best month ever in terms of visitation. Last month, for the first time in our history, we exceeded 10,000 visits and 20,000 page views in one month.

We repeat: Our visitation achievements are just
as much thoseof you the reader as they are of
the publishers and contributors,
so pat yourself on the back!

LR’s Visitation by Month

LR’s Page Views by Month

Finally, on February 20th, the 100th Technorati-recognized blog linked to La Russophobe. Currently we have received over 1,600 total links from these 100+ blogs or over 15 links per blog, several times more links per blog than any other blog of this kind in the world, and we are ranked in the top 35,000 most influential blogs of any kind in the world by Technorati out of over 55 million under review (i.e., we’re in the top 0.063% of all blogs in existence).

We’d also like to point out with pleasure that, as the graph below shows, Russia has become the second-largest country visiting La Russophobe, after the United States. LR has become, as we have noted before, a very international instituation and we are delighted to welcome people from all around the world, particularly from Russia, who are interested in exploring the issue of democracy and Russia’s future.

2 responses to “LR Announces Milestones

  1. Congrats, LR!

  2. Congrats, LR!

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