Peter LaVelle: Scum-sucking traitor to democracy

Well, well, what have we here?

We have Peter LaVelle, world’s goofiest looking “human” (yes, we are spelling his name incorrectly on purpose) writing a blog on state-owned, Kremlin-controlled, KGB-dominated Russia Today television, helping rationalize the neo-Soviet empire of that malignant little troll Vladimir Putin (and no doubt getting paid a pretty penny to do it).

Here’s from his inaugural post on January 12:

Russia is correct to maintain its position that all its customers pay world prices for energy. If that causes pain for the former republics of the Soviet Union, so be it.

Well, we guess that just about says it all. So much for any last vestige of illusion that this wicked, nasty little demon was an “objective” or “reasonable” observer of Russia striking some kind of moderate force. He’s a Russophile propagandist, pure and simple, and LR told you so long, long ago.

First the German Chancellor, then Mark Ames, then Peter LaVelle. Who will the Kremlin buy next to shill for its pathetic, doomed little neo-Soviet enterprise? Al Gore, maybe?


71 responses to “Peter LaVelle: Scum-sucking traitor to democracy

  1. I’ve run across that little weasel’s writings in the past, he has got to be one of the most obvious Useful Idiots out there.

    That he is gainfully employed carrying water for Putin comes as no surprise. Actually it’s a good thing that he is a paid shill for Putin, it drops all pretense of his being anything more than a leftist lackey. And, thanks to the internet word travels fast.

  2. I’ve run across that little weasel’s writings in the past, he has got to be one of the most obvious Useful Idiots out there.

    That he is gainfully employed carrying water for Putin comes as no surprise. Actually it’s a good thing that he is a paid shill for Putin, it drops all pretense of his being anything more than a leftist lackey. And, thanks to the internet word travels fast.

  3. I doubt Al Gore would be interested.

  4. I doubt Al Gore would be interested.

  5. Not that I am a regualr viewer of that Russia Today rubbish… but watching Peter Lavelle makes me particularly sick. I would love to see the look on his face if he is ever asked a proper question – say, to comment in his pathetic IMHO on the recent appointment of Karyrov, Jr. as Chechen president. What a bustard!

  6. Not that I am a regualr viewer of that Russia Today rubbish… but watching Peter Lavelle makes me particularly sick. I would love to see the look on his face if he is ever asked a proper question – say, to comment in his pathetic IMHO on the recent appointment of Karyrov, Jr. as Chechen president. What a bustard!

  7. Wow, you are all brainwashed sheep. Russia Today is objetive and real! Unless you live in Russia or Visit Russia, how do you know what is the truth? You think American newspapers tell you the truth? You think British do? They all bend the truth to make Russia look bad. Russia Today is objective indeed. Petere Lavelle is excellent at brining honest points of view across. Listen to him carefully, before making any judgements.

  8. Peter isn’t all that bad. He does a better job than most CNN commentators and bashes the US government less than the New York Times.
    I watch RT infrequently. When comparing IMHO to European News sources it’s less politically influenced than German state run press for example.
    This doesn’t change the fact who owns RT and pays for Pete, however in the end the output needs to be scrutenized. Therefore if one wishes to understand more of what is happening in the world a single news source won’t suffice. Sadly news commentators worldwide appear to wish to inject their own views into their presentations over the reporting of facts only. The European press at this time is probably the worst propaganda machine on the globe and Peter appears like ‘Honest Abe’ when compared. RT has an equal right to be heard and so do Peter’s opinions.

  9. I saw Peter Leville for the first time today on RT and was really impressed with his views on Georgia and the insights he had regarding funding for the war from the USA. He also observed, quite correctly, that the war was planned precisely at the time the Olympics in Beijing was about to get under way. However I found he made no mention of Russia’s lack of interest in restoring democracy to other break-away republics that have corrupt rulers, some of which have excellent relations with the Kremlin. Countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and others have corrupt rulers and have been oppressing their own people for decades with little or no comment with Russia. I was intrigued to read this article by a Scottish writer:

    I think he hits the nail on the head in relation to this.


  10. LOL… I just had to Google this clown after just seeing his latest performance on tv.
    I am a keen viewer of his IMHO show always good for a laugh!
    LOL… I have been a keen viewer of his IMHO show always good for a laugh!
    But his views on the current Red Army onslaught seems to be even making his news reading colleagues squirm.
    He’s following in the steps of Lord Haw Haw and Comical Ali… Dont change Pete your one in a million! LOL

    • Yeah well I’m definitly greatful that I do not share your opinion because I’d really hate to be teamed up with some one that calls a proffessional for a clown but stutters so bad he even writes stutteringly. Now who’s the clown?

  11. I don’t watch Amercian news TV, as a rule, but I do watch RT – all I can say is if you think RT is unbiased in comparison to US news coverage then US coverage must be REALLY bad.
    I don’t care for the personal abuse bit here against PL, but it is true that his views are bizarre. The guy is a charlatan and a fraud, and he is also very, very bitter. My guess is something or someone, possibly in the Western/US media, upset him, and he’s been talking his revenge ever since.

    • Huh? Well it’s hard to get the whole picture of the U.S. while living in the U.S.. I am certainly greatful that I left that country, I was born in New Jersey, long ago. If I hadn’t I would have ended up just like most other haters from there and would have mind narrower than a pipecleaner. No thanks, ya Yanks…The rest of the modern world will leave that part of human degeration to you guys! Enjoy it while you can.

  12. A voice of the reason – stands out nicely against the US&UK neocon hogwash delivered to the western rednecks.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Are you sure that “redneck” and “hogwash” is consistent with advocacy of the “voice of reason”? Are you sure it’s irrelevant he’s being PAID BY THE KREMLIN? Are you sure your name is not Peter Lavelle?

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  14. I watch RT regularly this guy is a scumbag.
    English speaking Mikhail Leont’ev.
    If you know what I mean.

  15. In my experience those who resort to low-down name-calling usually lose the argument.

    I’m British and watch RT to get a further view. I look at a range of news channels daily and RT’s reporting appears fair and objective enough. You only have to look at the reporting of the South Ossetian war on western stations last August, to appreciate that you must look at all reasonable sources (not just your own) to find out what is really happening.

    I have always found Peter Lavelle’s editorial to be coherently argued. This is clearly a journalist of great integrity who speaks what he believes. Please listen without prejudice.

    A website called “Larussophobe” – “says it all really!” But what is there to fear?

  16. I agree Tom. You’re 100% right. I watch RT often. I think the western media is very biased against Russia.

    Nato puts troops in Georgia on Russia’s border, puts a missile defense system in Europe that it doesn’t need (that could be used against Russia) and the western press defended Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia.

    There are three serious broadcasters for international news. BBC, Deutsche Welle and Russia Today. All three have their biases as does every broadcaster (and every individual). Its up to listen and make up your own mind.

  17. Gee, well Peter & Tom,
    Russia murders several hundered thousand Chechens and calls them “separatist terrorists” while at the same time supporting separatism in neighboring states, undermines democraticly elected governments in former soviet republics, plans, supports, and facilitates ethnic cleansing and murder of the majority Georgian population of Abkhazia in the early 90’s, and the ethnic Georgian population of south Ossetia in 2008 etc, etc, etc. Not much reason to be anit russian there in your opinion I guess?

    As for “I have always found Peter Lavelle’s editorial to be coherently argued. This is clearly a journalist of great integrity who speaks what he believes. Please listen without prejudice.”

    Do you really believe that BS? Peter Lavelle is simply another David Irving, he has consistantly spewed Kremlin propaganda, and is well known as lieing through his teeth, just look at how many times he has been caught in his own lies when he writes on Radio Free Europe.

    A good example of RT’s bias is the recent defection of a Russian soldier to Georgia from Akhalgori. RT claimed he had been kidnapped and tortured by the Georgian special forces, when in fact he looked damn happy to be outside of Russia, and claimed his injuries were from the (all too typical) being beaten and abused by his Russian army officers & senior NCO’s.

    Not to mention the fact that RT totally failed to cover the crimes comitted by the separatists in SO, such as the ethnic cleansing of Georgians and the mass murder and expulsion of pro Georgian Ossetians from the province, or the Russian sponsored separatist attacks on the Georgians in the build up to the war (of one such attack I was an eye witness). Or the raping and looting and murders comitted by Russian troops, I watched Russian tanks leaving a Georgian High School piled up with desks, kitchen fittings, toilets, computers, even the desks.
    Russian soldiers were entering civillians houses and taking their personal possesions, jewelery, clothing, food, electronics etc.
    None of this was shown on RT.
    To call RT a “serious broadcaster” shows that you are from the shallow end of the gene pool.

  18. I think Val is the only one with a clue. All you smart guys should listen to the real message before making comments.

  19. Oh, and by the why …hole the name is spelled Lavelle!

  20. Why is it that the rednecks and the neocons have to use abusive and bad language; is it because they really don’t have a coherent argument? You don’t really see the “other” side doing the same.
    I haven’t seen much of RT and Peter Lavelle but what I have seen seems pretty reasonable and worthy of listening to.

    Russia is not a democracy in the true sense of the word, but neither, for God’s sake, is the United States!

  21. Samuel Goldenstein

    Peter LaVelle is a real scumbag and he should stay in the New Soviet Union

  22. I like his Cross Talk program and his high quality educated and informed guests. He lets them have their say and only steers the discussion when they get off track. They disagree but at least they all know what they are talking about. What’s the problem ? Russia is not the Soviet Union. Wake up ! Vladimir Putin has inherited problems that none of our pathetic western leaders would know how to deal with and he has done well, like it or not. He is the type of firm leader we need in the West, not the weak crew we do not deserve.

  23. LaVelle rules, what did he to you angry teens?

  24. I know Lavelle personally. He is an anti-Semitic bigot who will also let you know his views on blacks when he has a few too many, which is quite often.

    He defends Islamic terror when it pays him – but when he is paid to speak against Chechen terror he does that too.

  25. I have been watching RT for the last several months and can appreciate that the propaganda war is alive and well. They have a real protaganist in Peter. His bias of the US is right out there in front. I don’t mind his difference in views but he does tend to skew the truth to meet his agenda and, worse yet, when he has guests on that disagrees with what he wishes to present he is rude and belittling to them.
    I’ll continue to watch you for the difference of views. but with a grain of salt and the knowledge of your deep rooted dislike for the west. Is it really the money Peter. I disagree with a lot the US does but why skew it so badly. You lose your credebility that way.

  26. what a load of BS, seriously, use your critical faculties here. No, wait, you don’t have any, you are still dreaming about the American Dream: while the rest of us have woken up.

    Yes, RT is a Russian agriprop venture, but it consistently calls a spade a spade, and consistently asks the questions other television based news channels intentionality avoid (because each, in turn, has its own state sponsored agenda).

    Now, it is unfortunate that the presentation of an alternative perspective, one that challenges the Western world news narrative – yet is closer to the truth – is seen as propagandistic.

    The geopolitical landscape has changed remarkably in the last decade, and this is largely down to the amount of information that is available to the public, yet American ( not only, but especially) news media is still wrapped up in a dishonest, patronising, disingenuous, dumbed down and decisive presentation of “news”. It serves power, just as RT does, but at least RT is not patronising its viewership, it has an air of pragmatism that is refreshing (just take it with a pinch of salt).

    The fact that we have RT transmitting this stuff is a sign of how far we have come since the end of the Cold War. But anyone who is still wrapped up in partisanism is an idiot, they are still stuck in the old world master narrative, one dominated by Western capitalist interests, most notably those of America. The world is changing fast and whether you like it or not, RT is adding something essential to the mix.

    America’s message is fading, and let’s hope it disappears completely and is instead replaced by genuine critical discourse, because let’s face it, capitalism is failing to live up to it’s promises, we can either revise the theory, or watch the world collapse.

  27. That scumbag, Peter, makes me literary gag. All of you who praise him do not know anything about rasha and are useful idiots as he is.

  28. I must say I find RT tremendous fun. It’s nonsense of course, the pretence at impartiality normally lasts about five minutes. But it’s fun to see the re-emergence of cold war themes – the West is decadent, Nato is dangerous, the USA is corrupt and Russia is on the verge of greatness. And yet… Russia never reached is greatness, Nato survives, the US goes on as indeed does the West for all its decadence. It’s a funny world!

  29. If you are a cowboy from Texas how do you decide which liar to believe??? Neither side will tell the total truth. BB

  30. Don’t you just love the way he nods his head and grins like a cheshire cat when people are knocking Israel on his programme? I would NOT like to be on the wrong end of the stick with this excuse for a human being. He is disgusting. How does he manage to get “guests” is beyond me.

  31. RT is much better than him other reporters on there say far more critical things.

  32. Israel needs knocking as much as possible !

  33. All this crap about a New Soviet Union….the VIP party to celebrate Putin’s return to the Presidency was way more like Tsarist Russia.

  34. Ah come on, I tune into RT frequently – anytime I get bored with Professional Wrestling.

  35. RMM- I watch the program regularly and find much to think about except when Peter allows one person to take over the show with speeches that go on and on. Republicans and Israelies do that regularly . In which case I use the mute button.

  36. Richard Watkins PhD

    Peter Lavelle is not a journalist, he is not an Academic, although, he thinks he is one. This is a man who clearly was “born with a GOLD spoon in his mouth” who couldn’t find gainful employment if he tried. All of my friends tell me he was TERRIBLE when he attempted to work in the banking industry and that the Polish people thought he was ARROGANT when he worked there. He gets upset frequently when questioned and should renounce his US Citizenship.

  37. Peter Lavelle irritates me enormously and of course RU has a bias so you think that show biz crap called Fox news or CNN or even the BBC is any better?? You think Stooge Obama is better than Stooge Bush for the planet get real you dumb Americans and find out what your evil empire government is about before you pour scorn and wake up the cold war is supposed to be over ………..

  38. Hey Everybody! I was following RT for quite a while. It has couple of good points trying to balance Western propoganda (i.e. CNN/FOX), however Peter’s program is outrageous in a way because of his constant bitterness and disrespect to his respondents (mainly to those who represent different point of view or simply disagree on an issue). In my opinion, if you hate West and can not hear anything but pro-Russian opinion or anti-US opinion, so what is the point to host a show and invite people to talk? I’ll tell you why… Kremlin sponsored chanel is not very much different from its US counterpart CNN or FOX. There is no free media in the world, my friends, and there never was.

  39. Peter is most definitely an academic and has a heap of credentials, far more than most journalists. RT is Kremlin sponsered? Newsflash: it provides the best analysis of Western affairs.

  40. iam so sick of this idiot, i live in germeny and any time i want to get annoyed i tune to this fool program.and am black 4rm Africa.

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  42. wow, how can people be so blind RT only news channel that reports the truth. Whats up you rich capitalist scumbags starting to get scared. Beware the common man is rising. also Max Keiser rocks boo yak a shak and big up to all pro RT fans.

  43. This guy had a female producer (Masha Charnay) and a female contributor banned from his show because the women declined his advances.

  44. I actually just saw another episode of crosstalk on RT and had to put this bloke’s name in a search engine followed by the word ‘anti american’ to be sure someone else shared similar views.In as much as the topics on his program divide opinions, I cant help but notice the glow in his eyes and the constant nod of approval when a guest goes america bashing and the pro american debater hardly has a word in, constantly being shut up by this Peter bloke and allowing d opposing (most def american basher) arguement dominate. This makes me wonder, is he an unbiased moderator on a debate show or a ‘+’ 1 on the anti american debate? If the latter is the case(as it increasingly suggests with his utterances and body language) he might as well invite a pro USA policy guest and ‘cross talk’ with him by himself, atleast then he makes it clear where he stands……

  45. FROM THE COMMENT POLICY – “Thousands of people visit this blog each week, tens of thousands each month. We are cited by newspapers and websites around the world on a daily basis. So, this blog is a valuable forum for ideas about Russia.”

    Oh, im sure THATS not a ridiculous exaggeration. Im also certain you aren’t going to publish this, but I know that you and or your semi – literate Maylasian “houseboy” will probably read it. After all, in order to know what speech you are going to censor you have to read it. Since I certainly don’t care if the other 2 idiots ( and their many sock puppet ID’s) who post comments to this this site read it, im content. BTW, At least Lavelle is willing to take credit for the work he publishes, by name, and not by some cheesy, self valorizing internet nom deplume.

  46. I think anyone who would devote a website to knock someone else need looking into. I listen critically to all and now I am looking at you.

  47. Peter lavelle spent twelve years working in Poland, before being recruited by Putin. While in Poland lavelle had some embarrassing problems the great liking of little altar Polish boys – blond blue eyed little angels..He is a homosexual and pedofile like his boss putin…That why lavelle left Warsaw for Moscow, with putin’s help, rather abruptly. By the way, just after the greatest political murder by putin of Polish President in April 2010, why delivering this tragic event on RT, lavelle was jumping up and down, clapping his hands, laughing and saying the Poles deserve it – well done, well done until somebody told him through the ear phone to shup; up even for russian barbarity and obscenity it was too much. By the way, the murder of Polish President didn’t change anything in russia; moscow still is 80% muslim and, more importantly, central asian, russian army just hit 50% mark – 50% of russian army is muslim and asiataic. Russian language, becomes just a local dialect, and one million russians die every year…That how empire fall…

  48. Wow, i just saw an interview with Cris Cuomo. Peter Lavelle is a Traitor .and has his head buried up Putin’s ass. Any reasonable person knows Putins behind the destabilization of Ukraine. Moscow is backing the Russian Separtists. The question is he worth starting ww3. over ….NO!. Does he need to be punished because he is a bully and a pussy. Hell Yes. As far as europe’s energy issues. are concerned. Find your own energy sources. you have it go find it …… then only then all the countries in the world can flip Russia the proverbial Bird.

  49. I used to like cross talk a lot. when I started watching it he would always have two people on with views contrary to his own, and one person on his side. then he cut out one of the opposing guest spots. then he brought back the spot but filled it with someone who agrees with him. It went from two on two, to two on one, to three on one. I found that annoying but still watchable. now it’s just peter and three nodding heads, and inexplicably he still calls his show “cross talk”

    • To start a critique with ad hominem attacks is by definition suspect. Why not allow a discussion and let the chips fall where they may?

  50. Christian Christensen

    Crosstalk are absolutly biased.
    I just watched 4 people in a group group discussing Syria, and the setup was 3 poeple with similar opinions against one with completly different opinion.
    The commetator /host included
    Thats not neutral journalistic.
    A host should be neutral and the steup should be balanced.
    Crowwtalk is far from that

    But on the other hand this concept is RT not alone with, they have just copied CCN and FoxNews concept but leaned to the other side.
    This crappy concept, begun from my opinion with american commercial sensational TVchannels with biased agenda, and there are tons of these biased american media channels
    Its also true that European edia has begun becomming biased and leaning twoards west.

    So from that perspective, to balance the entire media output, of course Russia is trying to do the same. with some very few media channels, grabbing same concept with agenda of balancing the total media output.

    Its understandable, even though I dont defend the concept.

    but my own opinion think media has become crap, I dont like any of it.
    I miss the times when journalists did not have their own opinion, where you could feel their ethical drive to be as neutral as possible.
    When discussion programs like this had neutral setups.

    We live in a rotten media world.
    Of course there are execptions, but I find them very few nowadays.

    My two cents from Sweden
    Christian Christensen

  51. Christian Christensen

    Donald Asquith.
    I am sorry that my low level of dyslexia combined with english as a second language upset you.
    I would appreciete if you could develop what you are trying to express, rather then generelise in so few words.

  52. This blogger is a mentally challenged nearsighted uninformed neocon.

  53. Who wrote this about Peter Lavelle??? …It is not hard to guess!

  54. 298 dead White people of MH17

    (((Kremlin))) shill owner of theduran

  55. CNN,BBC are not toothless dog NATO IS NOT tedybear,remember bombing Yugoslavia against UN law Afghanistan Iraq and last try was Syria but thanks to PUTIN RUSSIA didn’t happend,bye bye new world order.sorry americans

  56. Peter & Putin make a beautiful couple.

  57. Why has Putin got moons?

  58. Tony Maxwell Hatt

    Thank god for an alternative news media like Russian Television news.

  59. Mbulelo Ramokoka

    I watch CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC,SABC,CNBC, etc and get different views and different opinions but RT seems to be always on the defensive. They never report on Russia ‘s atrocities e.g what Russia is doing in Syria, Ukraine or the poisoning of anybody opposing Putin. Peter lavelle always leads and directs with guest who dare oppose him or have a different opinion.

  60. You need state controlled & financed media-outlets, biased down to their last bone? Well, try the german ones demonizing Trump 99.9 % of his air-time. Not to mention the radical left bossing around the mainstream of media and socials all the time…

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