The Sunday Photos: Youtube Edition Part II — The Neo-Soviet Military on Parade

MLRS From Russia – video powered by Metacafe

The population may be declining by 1 million every year, but like a child who has refused to eat his vegetables may still have room for dessert, Russia can still find plenty of money for a neo-Soviet military. LR dares to wonder how long it will be before they start parading it through Red Square.

Here’s excerpts from Putin’s Munich speech with commentary from America’s McLaughlin Group. Note that Putin’s chief defender is wacko right-wing extremist and uber-isolationist Patrick Buchanan, who seems to want to French-kiss Putin. When your chief ally is Pat, you know you’re in a good bit of trouble. Note too how there is universal agreement that Bush has misjudged Putin and hence essentially sold the West down the river. Will Bush come to be viewed as this century’s Neville Chamberlain? Hat tip: Robert Amsterdam.

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