Vote for Russia’s "Person of the Year"

Time Magazine yearly announces its “Person of the Year” so La Russophobe thought it might be a good idea to initiate this tradition for Russia. Who do you think was the most important force in Russian current events in the year 2006? Remember, this is not an award for doing good things, Hitler got Time’s award one year, it’s about who influenced Russia the most, for good or ill, during the past year. Feel free to use the comments section to write in a candidate if your favorite is not represented, but also try choosing among those listed.

Who is Russia’s “Person of the Year”?
Vladimir PutinAnna PolitkovskayaAlexander LitvinenkoGeorge BushGarry KasparovBoris BerezovskySlavic RacistsThe Oil IndustryMikhail KhodorkovskyRoman AbramovichThe Chechen RebelsAlexander LukashenkoMikhail SaakashviliVictor YushchenkoThe CommunistsThe Staff of Novaya GazetaThe Western MediaThe Russia MediaThe Officers of the KGB/FSBThe Russian People
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