La Russophobe is proud to annouce that this is
her 1,000th post

Here are some other recent milestones in the history of our blog:

On November 17, we registered our
25,000th Google hit

On November 25, we broke into the
top 50,000
blogs in the world
as judged by Technorati (top 0.09% of all blogs in existence).

On November 28, we received our 25,000th visit to the blog. La Russophobe is now averaging 250 visits and 600 page views per day. On Sunday November 27th, taking many referrals from Publius Pundit, we set a new record for most visits and page views in a single day at 580 and 1,218 respectively. The prior week, as news of the Litvinenko killing broke, we averaged nearly 500 visits per day. Before the New Year, we expect to achieve the highest number of published total visits by any English language Russia politics blog in the history of the world. We already have the highest published level of daily traffic ever achieved by such a blog.

On November 29, we recorded our
2,000th profile view

On December 2nd we celebrated our
eight-month anniversary .

These are remarkable achievements to record in such a short time. You’ve come a long way, LR baby. But you’ve got a long, long way to go.

As we have said before, in a very real sense these are not our achievements but those of you the reader, so you should take pride in them. This blog is an emphatic statement about the value of democracy in Russia not only to Russians themselves but to those in the West who could be victimized by a neo-Soviet dicatorship (like Alexander Litvinenko). La Russophobe thanks you for your continuing support, and a special thanks to all those who have contributed posts and comments to our ongoing struggle against the rise of the Neo-Soviet Union.

Here’s some data on La Russophobe’s visitation, for those who may be interested:

Our Growth in Visitation per Month

Our Visitation by Region of the World

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