Happy 6-Month Anniversary to LR

Today is La Russophobe‘s six-month anniversary! You go, girl!

In six months, La Russophobe has moved into the top 0.1% of all blogs in the world out of over 53 million tracked by Technorati (she’s now ranked in the top 67,000). She has published 710 posts, received over 13,000 visits and over 1,200 profile views (passing the total visits and profile views received by the crazed Russophile blog Accidental Russophile, which has existed 30% longer than she has) . She’s also registered over 20,000 Google hits.

And she’s received a very special present to honor the occasion from the crazed Russophile propaganda screed Konstantin’s “Russian Blog” — which has existed for 21 months now, since January 2005, nearly four times longer than La Russophobe.

Konstantin doesn’t have a counter on his blog. He seems to prefer secrecy to transparency, a pattern among the Neo-Soviet crowd.

La Russophobe does have a counter. It shows that this is the most heavily trafficked English-language Russia politics blog in the world, currently averaging more than 100 visits every day.

Konstantin also doesn’t post a profile with a counter on his blog. La Russophobe does, as noted above.

According to Technorati, in 21 months Konstantin’s blog has been linked to by other blogs 174 times. That works out to just over 8 links per month.

By contrast, Technorati says that La Russophobe has been linked to 247 times by other blogs. That works out to over 41 links per month, over five times more than Konstantin.

74 blogs in total have linked to Russian Blog, Technorati reveals. That’s 4 new blogs linking per month.

In La Russophobe‘s case, 42 blogs have linked to her so far, or 7 new blogs linking per month, a rate nearly double that Konstantin’s blog.

So, the data rather conclusively shows that LR is kicking wacko Russophile Konstantin’s ass (which is not suprising given the puny amount of content he puts out, the total lack of sourcing or links to outside material of interest). And that’s not the half of it, because LR has also repeatedly exposed Konstantin’s mendacious propaganda for what it is.

Konstantin’s response? The classic neo-Soviet one. Not once but twice now, Konstantin has accused LR of being mentally ill (note that the first time Konstantin couldn’t even get her name right, calling her Kim F. instead of Kim Z). Just a Stalin used to send off his critics to mental institutions, Konstantin wants to do the same to poor La Russophobe. It’s the only way Neo-Soviet slugs like him can deal with their critics, because their position is so otherwise untenable, and as the post below shows its becoming standard operating procedure in Russia today.

There is no greater gift La Russophobe could receive on her 6-month anniversary than to have a rabid, slobbering Russophile maniac like Konstantin diagnose her as insane (without of course ever having had so much as a single conversation with her). It’s conclusive proof that this blog is a necessary antidote to the bacteria of Neo-Soviet propaganda now seeking to spread throughout the world.

So thanks for the present, Konstantin!

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