Russia Joins China to Block Human Rights in Sudan

The New York Times reports that Russia and China are opposing a broad coalition of nations seeking UN action to prevent human rights atrocities in Sudan.

Once again, Russia has chosen to ally itself with the Chinese against Europe and the United States. Is Russia hoping to appease China, the way Stalin tried to appease Hitler in World War II, in the hopes that China will not gobble up Siberia quite so fast as Hitler gobbled up Russia?

Or is it that Russia simply doesn’t care about human rights, and is consumed with jealous hatred of the United States, looking for any chance to express its vitriol?

The vote will go ahead anyway, and Russia and China, the new axis of evil, will lose. But Russia will never be China’s partner, it has nothing to offer China in the long term, China will simply take what it wants from Russia, namely territory.

One response to “Russia Joins China to Block Human Rights in Sudan

  1. i think that russia and china were right in thier situation but euorope and the united states are prejudice the sudan coz they want its oil and wealth thats why they want the security councel to empose sanctions on this poor african country .

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