Crime and Punishment in Russia

The Washington Post reports that Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who “has been put in solitary confinement twice for alleged infractions of prison regulations, including possessing documents on the rights of prisoners and drinking tea in an unauthorized place,” was recently slashed by a fellow inmate with a knife.

So the punishment for threatening to oppose Putin in an election is getting sent to Siberia and slashed with a knife.

The punishment for having documents concerning your legal rights as a prisoner in Siberia is solitary confinement, and the same for daring to drink tea in the wrong place.

I wonder what happens to you if you actually win the presidency against Putin, or if you have documents concerning your rights before you become a prisoner? Actually, on second thought, I probably don’t want to know. Too scary!

UPDATE! Now the New York Times reports that Khodorkovsky has been sent to solitary because he was cut by a fellow prisoner “for his own protection.” Heaven only knows what would have happened to him if he’d been paralyzed by his attacker — I guess they would have put him up against a wall “for his own protection.”

C’est la vie dans la Russie!

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