Live in Russia? Da nyet, spasibo, they all say

From the Moscow Times:

Americans and Canadians would sooner settle in communist China or sub-Saharan Africa than move to Moscow. Europeans prefer the Falkland Islands. And Asians would go almost anywhere else except the likes of war-torn Baghdad and the West Bank.

According to a survey of expatriates from North America, Western Europe and Asia now stationed around the world, Moscow ranks toward the bottom of everyone’s list. The survey of more than 1,000 expatriates from over 200 countries was distributed in November to clients of human resources company ECA International and was only recently made available to the press.

Out of 257 cities listed, North Americans ranked Moscow the 157th most-desirable place to live and work; Western Europeans ranked it 147th, and Asians 204th. Other cities that beat out Moscow in the poll, in the view of respondents from all three regions, include Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Rarotonga, Cook Islands; Tunis, Tunisia; Windhoek, Namibia; and Beirut, Lebanon.

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